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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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fight nats natsa baltimore city police officer attacked... and it's all caught on camera.the distrubring video and where the suspect is waking up this morning. is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door?" door?"but you do what you have po do to protect your baby." how a moohee.. takes things into her own hands.. to save her family. and.. gassing uppon your way to work?savor those 3- dollar soon we could see 5 dollar gas. 3 3 thursday, january 5th.
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3 a baltimore city police officer is attacked in front of a crowd... and it's all caught on happened in east baltimore in the middle of monument street. megan gilliland is here with the disturbing video. good morning patrice,just about everyone we talked to on monument street... had heard about this video... many of them have seen was captured new years eve by a bystander using his cell phone. already it's gone viral... on youtube.listen in for yourself. (áááánats up full: "back up, back up, back up!!!"áááá) up!!!"áááá)you can see the
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officer trying to handcuff a man on the ground... when suddenly another man comes out of nowhere and puuches the officer in the face.the officer falls down... allowing the other suspect to get away. there's a struggle... then officers in the area respond... soon you'll see one of them even kick the man.we spoke to police about this video... they call the attack outrageous... and the suspect... a coward. 3&(guglielmi) "and i think it's time to make this man famous. i think the people of baltimore should know that this is the individuul responsible for hurting the you safe."(áááánats up full: - "back off!!ááá) offf!ááá)police have arrested and charged manuel imel with assault, for attacking the officer. he's waking up behind bars this morning on a $100- thousand dollar bond.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. see the whole video onliie.go raw news a 13-year-old girl testiiies
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against the man accused of sexually assaulting her at a woodlawn roller skating rink. riik.the victim identified davon perry as one of three suspects in the 2010 attack at skateworks.surveillance camerassshow thh suspects leading the girl into a storage room, where she says all three of them raped her. but perry's attorney argues that police only found d-n-a from the two other suspects, not his client.the other suspects are 19-year-old kadeem santiful, who pleaded guilty to a second degree sex offense... and 15-year-old tracey hankins who was tried as a juvenile.all three worked at the roller rink, which closed shortly after the incident. a frederick man pleads guilty to sexually businn a 1-year-old boy.19-year-old ryan sheppard was arrested in june after injuring the child so severely, that he had to have surgery. sheppard could be sentenced to 18 years later this month, but will likely be recommened for tteatment at a state mental hospital for inmates. a 62 year old man is shot and
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day of the new year.. becomes baltimore's first homicide of 2. 2012.bruce royster was murdered... around 10:30 tuesday night on edgewood road in northwest baltimore.police have no suspects... and no motive for the killing.this news comes as baltimore rate in 2011.for the first r - time in 30 years.... fewer than 200 people were killed in baltimore.and while authorities aren't happy about the first homicide of 2012.... they are hopeful that baltimore's murder rate will continue to drop....this year. 04:33:19 "last year at this time we had three homicides... recorded our first last night." night."royster has an arrest record that included battery and several charges of theft. but it's unclearrexactly why he became a target. fox45 haa teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet.more than 00-thousand people uue spotcrime to keep track of
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things ii their nnighborhood. get emails when crime happens near you.go to fox-baltimore "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section near the top of theescreen six people are recovering this morning.. after a carbon monoxide leak in west baltimore. firefighterss rushed to a home on winchester street last ight around 6 after getting the call.they believe a generator may have caused the problem. problem.if you're using a generator in your home... here are some tips that can keep you safe.never use the generator inside your home or garage... even if it's well instructions that come with your generator.and... install battery operated carbon monoxide alarms in your home. round two of the republican race for president is less than a week greg black explains... the candidates are already mapping out their game plans for next tuesday's
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primary in new hampshire... and the one after it in south c. carolina. --nats of campaign usic--the republican presidential candidates who suuvived iowa are now looking ahead to the next contests in the lineup. only michelle bachmann is out of the race..."i have no regrets. none whatsoever." texas governor rick perry has decided to press on after a disappointing fifth-place finish in the iowa caucuses. "you know, you take a look, you didn't do as well in iowa as you wanted to. but this is quirky place and a quirky process to say the least. and we're going tt go into places wheee they have actual primaries." mitt romney is hoping to win the next battle margin than the eight votes over rick santorum that gave him victory in iowa."my goodness what a squeaker. ut i tell you. and the question i have for you is can we do batter he in new hampshire?" romney picked up a key endorsement yesterday from the
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2008 republican presidential nominee, senator john mccain. and most recent polls show him far ahead of the competition in new hampshire.even his rivals expect him to score big in the state."he'll do fairly well here. this is one of his three best states."but now romney has a rising santorum on his heels.campaign cash has been pouring in for santoruu, since his second place finish in the iowa caucuses.his supporters believe he has the chance to pull off a huge upset."the supposedd40+ percent that mitt romney has in new hampshire now, i think when people see what santorum's capability is, this has the potential to turn very fast."i'm greg black reporting. santorum's campaign says it has raised more than a million dollars since caucus night.he plans to spend the day campaigning in new hampshire. romney will divide his time today between new hampshire and the state that holds the third contest, south carolina. make sure you don't ignore
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those flashing red ights on school buses on your way into work this morning.bus drivers in baltimore county are helping police track down more violators by faxing them license plate numbers of cars that speed past them. driverr who pass a stopped school bus can be fined 570 dollars and issued a three-point penalty on their license. drivers who stop, and then continue through a flashing school bus sign, face the same fine, and two points. 3 the pain at the pump keeps etting worse, and now some analysts are saying we're not even close to seeing how bad it's going to get. joel d. smith is live in north baltimore with the latest numbers, aad why they might actually look good compared to a few months from now. good morning joel d. 3 good morning patrice... don't blink, these prices might phange again. right now here they are ... (ad lib) the future could be even worse, even thhugh we just went through the worrt year ever
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for aveage gas prices! 3 2001 closed out as the highest yearly average ever for motor gasoline- $3.513, a whopping 72.6-cents per gallon higher 2010. for the average american that means an extra 400 dollars at the pump crude is more than 100 dollarr a barrell again... and only thhee months ago it was llss than 80 a barrell. why??? it's all about speculatioo. with iran talking about closing the strait of hormuz it may only get worse experts instead of better. here's an extreme prediction. 3 1903 certainly mann analysts are predicting 5 $ a gallon, sometime in 2012, we think that is will speculation, .... but will be higher in 2012 than in 2011. 3 the turmoil in the middle east with iraq and iran has speculators betting the prices will go higher because
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production decrease soon in thhse countries.... and the price reacts, even though it hasn't happen yet, and may never happen. 3 3 3 the sheriff's office takes its first step toward seizing vehicles... belonging to baltimore city.'s part of an effort to pay a 2-point-5 million-doolar judgment... awarded to 2-lead paint victims.a jury delivered the award 15-months ago... but because the city has yet to pay it... the plaintiffs are now targeting the city's assets. 3
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(5:30:12) "we're goiig to seize every computer, pen and pencil til our judgment for thhse children is satisfied.. satisfied."the city housing authority insists it doesn't have the money to pay the judgment. an oklahoma mom does whatever it takes... to protect her fami. family. sarah mckinley was at home with her 3 month old baby in her arms...whhn two intruders suddenly broke in to her home.that's when she grabbed two guns.. and called 9-1-1. "i've got two guns in my hand is it ok to shoot him if he comes in this door?""well you have to do whatever you can to do to protect yourself. i can't tell you that you can do that, but you do what you have to do to protect your baby.""i knew she was scared because she was whispering, so i knew she didn't want him to knoww that she was on the phone with " me." sarah killed one of the thieves.police say the seeond man who broke in also called 9-1-11saying his friend had been shot.thief number two was arrested on the scene.
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coming up on the early editioo... a police officer... is convicted of assault... for punching another officer in the head.what one juror says he had to do.. to convince the sole member of the jury whoo didn't want o convict... to find him guilty. guilty. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) @ ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 still to come... the reason you have two extra days to file your taxes this year... without filing for an e. extension.and ... why soon.. .you'll see double.. the "dunkin." ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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a verdict is reached in a case that pitted officers from two different police departments.crime and justice reporter joy lepola was downtown when a jury decided the fate of a cop accused of assault. assault. ((pkg))jurors just over a former howard county police officer guilty of assault and disorderly conduct.áááááácover the rest with videoááááá deliberating the one peeson who was against the 11 of us he couldn't have done that he's a police officer unitl we persuaded her that even police officers make sot 17:33:44 the investigation needs to start today. you know the only thing i felt was truthfully testified to by the police department was their names.sot (joy's tag) 18:05:42outcue: maximum sentence of ten years on the assault charge.
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straight ahead... she's known for her body of work... as an actress.but find out the royal title salma hayek is waking up with .. phis morning. morning.and next... why your taxes won't be due on april
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15th this year. ((break 3)) 3
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ú the "big three" automakers are
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driving into 2012 witt strong sales... and america will soon run on double the dunkin'. edgar treiguts has more in 3oday's business brief. stocks ended little changed wednesday.the dow gained 21 points.the s & p also rose, but the nasdaq closed slightly lower.the big-three automakers posted big gains for the month of led the pack with a 37-percent jump, compared to a year reported its best december sales in five years... with a 10-percenn increase.g-m rounded out the big-three, posting a four-and-a-half percent gain for the month.the big three u-s automakes also
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reported a bigger share of the market for the full year, the first time that's happened in decadesstaxpayers will have until april seventeenth to file their 20-11 tax returns. the standard... april ecause - fifteenth deadlineefalls on a sunday... and the following monday will be observed as a holiday.the i-r-s also announced improvements to its website, i-r-s-dot-gov, that include new navigation features and an interactive is sweet for dunnin' donuts.the company announced it plans to double its locations nation-wide over the next 20 years.the doughnut and coffee chain operates nearly seven-thousand stores across the u-s.each new store is expected to add 20 to 25 full and part-time employees.for business brief, i'm edgar treiguts. coming up... a tiny spark.. is all it took.'s not a myth it actually can happen happenthe mistake one woman
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made... that caused her car to explode while filling up...and it's probably something you do every time you're at the pump t. too.a baltimore city police officer attacked... and it's all caught on camera.i'm megan gilliland... we'll show you the distrubring video and tell you the word police are using to describe the suupect. suspect.
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for illeggl immigrants. the latest push to fight the law.. on fox3 3 3 3


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